"I have never experienced anything like this ever... It is an almost out of body experience to go to a place where it feels as though you have been before but have never actually been to in this life... I feel blessed to know the story of my past life. I feel as though in the many years to come I may connect with her in silence from time to time to let her know that things are going to be fine once again ... to see her happy and to let her see that i am happy... I thank you for this journey. I am amazed by your work and that even over the phone I can feel your energy and connect in the way I did... I pray you are able to help others and connect with them to help them in the way I have been helped tonight.. for somethings its hard to find the right words to describe these things as they are not anyhthing i have felt or experienced before. I look forward to seeing you again soon and to feeling the energy that you present when you are near. Once again... Thank you" - Ms.F., Ottawa










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