What should I expect in a shamanic healing session?

Each healing session, we will talk a bit about your issue so I get a general picture of what we are working with, then continue on with a suitable ceremony to heal it. At the end of a session it is important to give yourself some time to integrate the healing completely. Homework will be assigned by the facilitator to the client to help bring the healing into the everyday life of the client.

What is an issue?

An issue is what you bring to the facilitator to be healed.   It can be problems you have in your life or thing that are causing you unhappiness.   Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues can all be dealt with.

Here are some examples, but are not limited to:

  • Unhealthy patterns   –   addictions to food, toxic relationships, toxic people, booze, drugs, etc
  • Physical Health Problems   –   insomnia, fatigue, discomfort in the body, pain, chronic illnesses , etc
  • Emotional Issues   –   fear of rejection, excessive anger, unexplainable sadness, grief, unforgiven relationships, grief, etc
  • Thought Forms   –   stress, "I can't stop thinking about..", obsessive behaviour, always attracting bad luck, attracting a certain type of person who is not healthy for you, etc
  • Personal development   –   finding your voice, learning to accept yourself, finding peace, getting a better job, manifesting abundance, life transitions, lack of balance in your life, etc
  • Spiritual connection   –   building a relationship with your body, finding your calling in life, connecting with Spirit, etc

What is the difference between the 2 durations of a healing session (30 mins, 1hr)?

The main focus of a 30 minute energy session is to rebalance the client's energy system. Not much talking is involved, I scan the client's energy system to see what I find, and rebalance the chakra system and repair the aura working above the client's body or hands on healing.

In the 1 hour shamanic healing session, we choose an issue to work on, and the proceed with a suitable healing ceremony. Usually a 1 hour session is enough for most clients.

What is a distance healing session?

Distance healing is done for a client over the phone or remotely, reporting results and findings to the client after the session is complete. The results of distance healing, telephone healing and in person healing are all the same.   Energy is everywhere and can be accessed at anytime, distance is not relevant in energy healing.   What is relevant though is the belief system of the client, that belief system determines how open the client will be for the healing.   The best results are achieved in doing healing however the client feels most comfortable.

In distance healing, I invite the energetic portion of the client to receive the healing and we do the work that needs to be done.   Then I allow the client’s energetic self to integrate back with the all parts of the client, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.   In some cases, the healing has been deeper via distance healing because there was no resistance to the healing from the energetic body.   After the healing session, I will report all my findings to the client and debrief them of the session that took place.

What is Journeying?

Journeying is a integral tool in shamanism to get the client in touch with various parts of themselves to enable healing to occur.

The client is put into a deep state of relaxation and does something similar to a guided visualization to get information about their issue and to heal it.

There are many different journeys but the description above is a general sequence of what takes place.

Journeys can be guided by facilitators and performed by clients, or in the case of distance healing, the facilitator can journey on behalf of a client and relay the results back to the client at a later time.   The results are the same, and healing always takes place.

What is a healed outcome?

A healed outcome is what you want to achieve at the end of a healing.   For example, a client with pain in her back. Her healed outcome would be to be pain free.

NOTE:   And this is a very important note, two “people” get a say in what the healed outcome is going to be, one vote from client and the other vote is from Spirit.   It’s called co-creating. Everyone will get what they need in their life.

Do I have to believe in anything for the healing to work?

No, no, and no.   You do not have to believe in anything for energy healing to work, and this type of work is independent of religion, that means you can believe in a religion or be atheist, the healings do not interfere with your religion.   The more open you are, the more healing frequencies you can absorb and assimilate. The more closed, the less you allow yourself to receive. Another note on beliefs, you do not have to believe in what I believe for the healings to work either.   Just be open to receive.

Why do I always have to make an offering to Mother Earth after a healing?

In shamanism, one of the key concepts is energetic exchange. That means that in order to fully receive something, you must also give. In turn, to give fully, you must be able to receive. We make offerings to Mother Earth in gratitude for the lessons we have learnt from our issues, and as we make the offering its also symbolic of letting go of our issue we were carrying.

I am having side effects after the healing, what is going on?

This is what we call a healing crisis.   What is happening is, when there is a wound, it has been there for a long time and you have identified it as a part of you.   In order for something new to be built, the old must fall.   So many times after a healing session, your body will go through a detox in your body to flush out the old, so to make space for the change in your life.   The body will cleanse itself of what it no longer needs.

Sea salt bath for 20 minutes in hot water will help extract the toxins out of your body faster.   If you are still having symptoms after 48 hours, please contact me.


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