Type of Healings Provided:


Personal Energetic Clearings

Each person has a physical anatomy, and in turn has an energetic anatomy.   Both anatomies in a person are interconnected, vibrating at a difference frequency.   A change in one anatomy has a direct and lasting impact on the other.   In this context, I refer to the energetic anatomy as the aura or energetic body.   Heal the energetic body, and the physical body will follow, and vise versa.   In shamanism, we work to heal with the energetic body.

What is so beautiful about the aura is that it records every event and your reaction to the event, whether you consciously remember it or not.   The aura adapts to protect you in any way it can.

It is the energetic immune system of the body and anything that happens to the physical body must penetrate the defenses of the aura first.   It is important to keep the aura in balance and clear of exterior unhealthy influences.

Many things can be done to ensure a healthy aura:

Energetic Alignment of the physical body with the energetic body
Aura Repair patching holes and tears, healing trouble spots in the aura
Heal Affinities in the aura that attract undesirable circumstances or people to you
Crystallized Energy extraction to remove energy blockages in the body
Cord Cutting cuts the energetic cords to toxic relationships to people, places or things
Entity Extraction removes external energies that negatively influence you and feed off your energy
Clear and Rebalance of the Chakras balances the main energy centre of the body

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Crystal Healings and Messages

Crystals enhance any energy session with their beautiful energies. Being with crystals invoke a sense of peace and calm.

How do crystals work? Every piece of matter has a vibration. Crystals are gifts from the earth that all vibrate at their own unique frequency, frequencies that can heal the human body. As humans, we have thoughts, emotions, and our bodies change based on our diet and lifestyle, sometimes that makes our optimal vibration out of synch with how it should be – clear and strong. Crystals can bring the human body back into the correct vibration by resonances.

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Healing Wounds, Traumas and Pattern Breaking

Everything that you experience in life is recorded or remembered in your energetic body.   Perhaps some memories are forgotten consciously but all that information, or rather, how you perceived that information is always stored in the aura.

When you look at your life, have you ever noticed that you live out the same old patterns?   It’s like there is a program running in the background that you just cannot turn off:   always dating the wrong type of man, getting stuck with the mediocre job, giving in that addiction time and time again, or over reacting because of seemingly “nothing”.   There is always a reason for your behaviour and it can be traced back to old traumas.   When you heal and learn the lesson from the original trauma that set the ball in motion to create a new unwanted pattern in your life, the pattern will cease to exist.   Why?   Because you have learnt all you can from it, it serves no more purpose in your life.

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Intuitive Reading   –   Karmic Healings and Akashic Records

Knowledge is power.   Awareness means that you can no longer return to the patterns that are unhealthy for you.   Everything in life happens for you a reason, even if that reason is not apparent to you right now.   Do things in your life happen to you that you cannot make sense of?   Do you know what karma is?   Many of us come here to experience life and to work out our karma until there is nothing owing and nothing owed.   What we were not told was that if you heal your relationships, it brings all balances back to zero.   The same wounded patterns will cease to repeat and you have the power to break out of them to carve out your own healed outcome.

The Akashic records save all the events that have happened in all of creation.   They can bring you knowledge of the dynamics of your relationships and bring awareness into your life on why things are the way they are.   Karmic journeys can resolve all that needs to be healed that are found in the Akashic records.

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Spiritual Guidance

In a healing session, you can tap into your own resourcesfulness by meeting your guides in this lifetime, or different parts of yourself that can help you on your path to your healed outcome.   More over, you can bring the wisdom and guidance they provide you and apply it to your everyday life.

  • Meet your Spirit Guide
  • Meet your Animal Totem
  • Meet another version of you who has mastered what you are struggling with
  • Heal with the help of your Subconscious
  • Heal with the help of your Super-conscious
  • Heal with the help of your Unconscious

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Ancestral Healing

We were all born into this earth with an ancestral lineage, aka our families.   Many wounds and issues have been passed down from generation to generation.   An example would be, when you start to act like your mother or father not by conscious choice, but by unconscious programming.   You are reliving their wounds and patterns, but in your life.

If you choose to do ancestral healings, you are healing the wounds on behalf of your whole lineage, both alive and deceased.   And once a pattern has healed in your life, it no longer needs to be played out and will not be passed onto your children.   They will have an opportunity to choice a healthier way of living.

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Life Transitions

Where there is life, there is death.   Death is a very sensitive transitional phase in anyone’s life and the loved ones around them.   In Algonquin culture, Death Rites are the greatest honour you can bestow onto someone to ease their transition into the next phase, allowing them to pass on consciously.

Death rites can be performed for the living who need help to prepare for their transition, or loved ones already deceased.   In layman’s terms, Death Rites are performed to ensure that their spirit makes it in whole, to “heaven” or the other side.   I used the term heaven because it is a widely understood term, but there is no religion associated with Death Rites.   Both animals and people can benefit from this ceremony.

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Find your Destiny and Life Purpose

Everyone is born with a life purpose.   Part of each person’s life purpose is the growth and development of their spirit, and the other part is to serve and to contribute to the world in some way.   Many people feel lost, and this is a way to connect with your higher self to identify what you have come here to learn and do.

Note: The space and energy you need for your dreams to flourish, is the same space where wounds resides.   A client must previously have sufficient healing done to make room for manifesting the destiny in a sustainable way.   This determination will be at my discretion.

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