Shamanism or Medicine Work is an age old type of healing found all over the world.   It is a way of life, and a way of living.

In this tradition of Medicine Work, we use a combination of energy healing and journeying (guided visualization) to bring people back to wellness.

The energy I use in my Medicine Work is predominantly Great Fire. Great Fire is an energetic transmission passed down to me from my Aboriginal teacher. Its energy is used during treatments as needed and is pulled into the client from the practitioner. It is a strong energy earth based energy and very transformational, like real fire. Great Fire can burn off energies that are no longer required in the body, or feed places in the body that are depleted. With a consciousness of its own, it reads the original healthy energetic blueprint of the client, and always does what is in the best interest of whoever/whatever it is working with.

Journeying, on the other hand, adds a totally new dimension to healing. It gives us access to alternate states of consciousness like the subconscious, unconscious and superconsious, to retrieve information pertinent to the healing of to re-write unhealthy patterns making way for a better way of life.



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