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This website is dedicated to those who I can be of service to.

The mission of The Healed Outcome is to meet you where you are,and bring you to where you need to be; to align all parts of you with your authentic self.

What does that really mean? It means to find the real you. Many people are lost in their roles in life, they are the superman of the family, the obedient daughter, the supportive husband, the workaholic executive, the sick mother and the roles go on.

How would it feel like to be free of those roles in your life? Do you identify so fiercely with your roles that you would be lost if you did not have your job title, your status in the family, your current sickness, etc? Who is the real you behind all the expectations of others? Do you even know who you really are?

In this type of healing, I'm here to help you shed the layers to find the person you were born to be, and live your life purposefully. That does not mean you cannot meet the expectation of others in your life, it means, you have a choice , and you do things on your own terms.

When you live everyday life true to yourself and your nature, your body will support you, and your emotions and mind will be at peace. The layers of disease, emotional stressors will fall to the way side when you are true to yourself. Disease and distress is the body's way of trying to communicate with you, telling you that you are out of synch. If you get the message and make the changes you need to, to become authentically happy, the disease no longer serves a purpose and will disintegrate.

I am here to serve. Please take a look at what I can offer you and see if anything calls to you.

Thank you for taking the time for yourself. 



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